Edward Worth Library

The book-collection assembled by Edward Worth (1676-1733), a notable Dublin physician, is one of the lesser-known treasures of the city’s cultural inheritance. It is housed in Dr Steevens’ Hospital, an institution of which Worth was a governor and major benefactor.

Design of pull up banner and bookmarks for a conference. As there was no existing artwork, I photographed a number of books and blended imagery to create the final artwork.

Worth Library DL Brochure

3 panel DL brochure outlining the history of the Library and accessibility to the public.
Images of animals, serpents and dragons taken from 16th and 17th century books.

Marsh’s Library

Located is St. Patricks Close, Dublin 8 and unchanged for three centuries, this perfectly preserved library of the early Enlightenment, with its original oak bookcases, houses more than 25,000 rare and fascinating books.

Previously called Archbishop Marsh’s Library, the brief was to drop the word to Archbishop but still retain some reference to the title. There is a mitre detail at the end of each row of bookcases so I redrew the mitre and used as graphic element in the new logo. To give a sense of authority and age Trajan was selected as the logo typeface.